Giant Mermaid Scale Number for Birthday Party

I prepared for my daughter’s 5th Birthday Party months in advance. We ended up having to cancel both her friend and family parties due to Covid. We still decorated the hell out of the house and had cake and presents. I think that was more than enough to make her happy!

I’ve had many people asking how I made the large mermaid scale number 5. Though time consuming, it was quite easy!

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Sweet Vintage Kitty Birthday

We threw around a lot of ideas for Quinn’s birthday party theme this year. At one point she wanted Word PartyThen, she wanted  Frozen. She changed her mind a few times and each time I deleted my current Pinterest board, and created a new one.

Quinn is pretty crazy about kitties. Or as she says, “titties”. (Yup) She was a kitty for Halloween.  So, I’m not sure why it took me so long to present her with the option of a kitty party.  She was on board. I was ecstatic because I knew this was likely the last birthday in which I’d have any input as to what the theme is. Continue reading