Giant Mermaid Scale Number for Birthday Party

I prepared for my daughter’s 5th Birthday Party months in advance. We ended up having to cancel both her friend and family parties due to Covid. We still decorated the hell out of the house and had cake and presents. I think that was more than enough to make her happy!

I’ve had many people asking how I made the large mermaid scale number 5. Though time consuming, it was quite easy!

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DIY: Kids’ Canvas Art

Our playroom was in need of some fun and color. So I picked up a two-pack of canvases from Michael’s craft store for $5 and let the kids do the rest. Asher, who is 7, used brushes and acrylic paints. I got out the Crayola finger paints for Quinn, who just turned 1.

I just love the way this turned out. Asher had a blast. But Quinn, apparently, is not a fan of the arts. She had a shit fit 3 swipes in. I washed her up and half-hour later tried again. The result was the same, but she got enough paint on the canvas to hang before she completely melted down.

I got the wooden letters to spell out “PLAY” from Target. I used acrylics to paint them and Loctite mounting putty to hang them.