My name is Maura. I am a working Momma of two kiddos, Asher, 11, and Quinn, 5. I am married to the most amazing man it took me 27 years to find. (Whoa- I thought I was “old” then, but seeing that number now makes me realize just how young I still was!) Years of heartache, wrong turns and life lessons (and plenty of fun and laughter in between) led me to the man of my dreams, his son, our daughter, and the life we built together and continue to build.

If this blog is being read by someone else other than my Mother, at this point, I imagine, some of you have re-read the first paragraph a couple of times. Yes, my step-son (a term I avoid using as much as possible) has a mother. Yes, he loves her. Yes, he visits her half of the week. I am not, in any way, denying any of that. I will never take her place, and it is not my intention to. However, though I am not his Mother, I am his parent. He is my kid. And that may not make sense to everyone, especially if you do not have a blended family. But it is just the way it is. Asher was 13 months old when I met his father and 15 months old when we began seeing each other. I have been there right along with the two of them for the entire journey, from 15 months on. I will touch more on our journey in the blog at some point.

A journey that has fueled the blog and the title has led us to our biggest adventure, yet- our daughter, who has completed our family and brought us all even closer.

Stepping stones- taking us from one moment to another. Life is not always sunshine and roses, but sometimes it is.

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