Giant Mermaid Scale Number for Birthday Party

I prepared for my daughter’s 5th Birthday Party months in advance. We ended up having to cancel both her friend and family parties due to Covid. We still decorated the hell out of the house and had cake and presents. I think that was more than enough to make her happy!

I’ve had many people asking how I made the large mermaid scale number 5. Though time consuming, it was quite easy!

What Materials Do I Need?

  • cardboard
  • tape
  • paper (glitter paper is best)
  • adhesive
  • cup
  • scissors
  • pen
  • ruler/tape measure

To start this project,  find a large piece of cardboard, or many pieces which you can tape together. I will say if you can find a large piece without seams, that may work better, as mine wanted to fold over and I had to reinforce it. Ultimately, you can use anything that you can cut to the shape you want – a sturdy foam board would work, but is an additional expense, unless you already have some.

Obviously, the cardboard I used came from a Target shipping box.

For the scales, you simply trace a cup for perfect circles onto whatever paper you chose. I used glitter paper that came in a large pack at Michael’s. Their site has them for $34, which is crazy, but I only paid $5 at the time they were on sale. I also saw glitter paper at Dollar Tree! Then, cut away! After I had quite a few, I layed them out before gluing them to get an idea of how many more I needed. This is where it got time consuming. I made my number so large that I needed a lot more scales than I had planned on. But, it got done.

I glued the scales onto the cardboard using Elmer’s clear glue. But you can use whatever adhesive you prefer. I also used a ruler to measure the space between the scales and a drew a line to guide me, so that everything was even.

Once all of your scales are in place, flip your number over and trim off any scales that overlap the edge of your number. I started to do this with an exacto knife, but decided my scissors worked better. You do what works best for you.

If you make this, let me know in the comments how it went! Or tag @StonesRoses on Instagram. Enjoy!

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