Target Gumball Machine Makeover

This winter, Target released $3 glass jars, shaped like red gumball machines in their Bullseye’s Playground section of the store. You may know it better at the “Dollar Spot” that is typically located inside the front doors of the store. It’s a wonderland of items priced at $1, $3, or $5.

Target Gumball Machine Craze

These little Target gumball machines took social media by storm! Instagram was flooded with DIY makeovers as the gumball machines were transformed from shiny red to chalky pastels, filled with Valentine or Easter table scatter. The jars were being bought up as fast as they were stocked, and are being sold in online marketplaces in excess of $25-$30.

I was lucky enough to find a few gumball machines in our local Target before news of the craze hit our small town. My sister wanted a couple, as did I. These were for our own use, and not to make a profit. In real amateur fashion, I didn’t snag a before pic. However, I did document some of the steps along the way.

How Do I Repaint the Target Gumball Machines?

I used latex gloves to easily cover the clear glass portion of the jar that I did not want to paint. I used painter’s tape on the underside of the lid. You can see here that I used Krylon CoverMaster spray paint in satin finish. I chose the colors “ballet slippers” and “ivory”, which I found at Michael’s Stores.

No DIY is ever easy, right? When I removed the latex gloves, some of the paint came off along with it. Also, the original red paint job was not perfect to begin with, and was covered by the glove. So, there were areas of red that were not painted over. I was able to fix this issue by spraying some paint into a cup and painting the missed spots with a brush. (I did read some people completely removed the red using paint thinner prior to spray painting.)

My Completed Target Gumball Machine Makeovers

And here are the final products! I just need to find the perfect place for them in my home. I’ve filled them with Cadbury mini eggs for now. However, I’m going to grab some St. Patrick’s day table scatter for the white one since it’s not quite Easter.

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