My Weight Loss

While I am proud of my progress, my before and after photo is so hard to see. But, I’m going out on a limb and sharing the photo along with my story.

July 2019

We bought a used boat in the summer of 2019. Naturally, I ordered two new swimsuits to wear on said boat. I loved the suits, which were high-waisted two-pieces. I knew that I still had a “baby belly”, though my baby was now 3 years old. On July 28, 2019, (Yes, I remember that date) I asked our son to snap a picture of my husband and me on the boat together. When I saw the series of pictures he snapped, I was devastated. I should back up and say that I had been struggling with my appearance for a while. I don’t know why I thought these swimsuits would change anything. I hated how I looked. That wasn’t me. I looked swollen and my face was so puffy my eyes didn’t look open. I am all for body positivity, but I’m also one who believes you are in control of your own happiness. I hadn’t been happy with myself for some time and it took this picture to make me realize what I needed to do.

Time for Change

The very next day I woke up at 3:45 am and went to Planet Fitness, where I held a membership, but never went. I start my mornings early as it is, so that I can shower, get dressed, and prepare for my day before everyone else wakes up. I knew I had to make the time to go to the gym first thing in the morning. There were too many interupptions at home, and at the end of the day, something else always came up or I just didn’t have it in me.

My Diet

I meal prepped, I brought food to keep in the fridge at work, and I was strict. After the gym, I showered and I made my breakfast and lunch. I removed dairy, grain, added sugar, and alcohol from my diet and I used MyFitnessPal to monitor my calorie intake, macros, and workouts. I often ate a different dinner than the rest of my family. While I mostly was following Whole30 guidelines, I didn’t freak out if I had to make an exception. The weight consistently came off. Never did I get on the scale and have it go back up. This motivated me to keep going. While progress was slow and steady, that was okay. I knew I was eating healthier, being more active, and I felt so much better.The picture below was September 22, 2019. Less than 2 months after I made the decision to make a change! This motivated me. After so many failed attempts over the years, I was seeing change. I was determined.

While I was strict to start, I knew that eventually, I would start to incorporate some treats here and there, but continue to make good choices and, above all, continue to be active. Once I lost 20 lbs, I allowed myself some wiggle room. I didn’t care to lose any more weight, but knew if I stayed strict that I would eventually fall off the wagon.


I’ve been successful in keeping the weight off and I continue to work out. Due to the Covid-19 crises, I have been working out at home, but still get it done. We are scheduled to go to Jamaica in August and I bought FIVE new bikinis….and they aren’t high waisted!My journey isn’t over. I will work to continually build strength and be a role model for my kids. While the scale does read 3 lbs heavier these days, I’m maintaining at that weight while meeting realistic goals. I also incorporate a lot more weight-lifting and have built a lot of muscle. There are a variety of variables to keep in mind along a wellness journey and I try to always keep that in mind.I hope my story can help to motivate and inspire others! One day at a time!

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