Clarity, Full Moons, and Sunsets

I’ve written in the past about cherishing moments. Those small moments, that don’t seem like much. But, for whatever reason, the hustle and bustle slow down and you’re able to enjoy the very moment you’re in.

I had another one of those moments today. I had picked my daughter up from her sitter, Amy’s house. I was thrilled to see the sun shining and so was Quinn. I walked in the door and she said, “Momma! Look at the sunshine!” It’s mid-February and winter seems like it will never end. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At 5:40 pm, it’s still light out. The days have slowly been getting longer and I have been waiting for the day that it’s still light out once we get home from Amy’s. We have a twenty-minute ride from her house to ours and even though it’s been light when I arrive at Amy’s, it’s dark by the time I get home. Until today.

Today, the sunset was a gorgeous bright yellow/orange, with a hot pink center. I caught glimpses of it behind me in my rearview as I drove. Then, I noticed a very pale, but large moon shining in the sky (remember, it’s still light out) in front of me. It was so low and looked so large. After I arrived at Amy’s and Quinn squealed about the sunshine, we weren’t long into our drive when she spotted the moon. The moon was a bit brighter and higher than it was minutes before. I called my mom using my hands-free Bluetooth and Quinn asked her at least 50 times if she could see the moon. As we made some turns, Quinn could see the “pretty sky” out one of the windows, too. She was so sad when the hot pink and orange sky was out of view. This isn’t unusual for her. In the spring and summer, we often admire the “pretty sky” as she calls it. But it’s been so long. I knew she was as happy as I was to see the sun….and the moon.

I took a turn down a country road where I’ve admired the beautiful sky, while driving, before. I did this for the simple fact that seeing that pretty sky would make her so happy. Out the driver’s side window was the moon, a day shy of being full, growing brighter by the minute. Out the passenger side window was a glowing orange sky. She was in her glory and so was I. Taking a few extra minutes with her to enjoy the beauty around us was so fulfilling. We soaked it in and she squealed with delight. Then, I spotted a dozen or so deer grazing in the snow-covered field, below the moon. I held my phone up and snapped a few pictures as I slowed to a snail’s pace and continued our drive. We spotted some more deer in the next field…and then some more.

It was still light out when we got home.

I pray she remembers that very moment someday when she’s an adult and thinks about me. I have memories like this of my father and they’re some of my fondest memories and moments. Even though at the time the moment may have seemed so small.

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