Sweet Vintage Kitty Birthday

We threw around a lot of ideas for Quinn’s birthday party theme this year. At one point she wanted Word PartyThen, she wanted  Frozen. She changed her mind a few times and each time I deleted my current Pinterest board, and created a new one.

Quinn is pretty crazy about kitties. Or as she says, “titties”. (Yup) She was a kitty for Halloween.  So, I’m not sure why it took me so long to present her with the option of a kitty party.  She was on board. I was ecstatic because I knew this was likely the last birthday in which I’d have any input as to what the theme is.

I had seen a sweet kitty image around and just knew it had to be incorporated. Pinterest is an incredible place to get inspiration for party planning. This adorable shirt came from Genuine Littles.


I continued the theme with this (Click Shop name for product) adorable paper doll garland from SweetVintageDesignCo. I must not have taken any pictures of it at the party.

Little Amara Designs created the sweetest invitation! (This image is from their shop, so that I’m not sharing our personal information) Click shop name for the product!il_570xn.902792629_pjy1

Everything else was a simple, shabby chic DIY. I painted some cans with pastel colored paints and glued images that I printed from this clipart. I used these to hold straws and utensils.


No kitty party is complete without goldfish crackers! I carried the theme along with framed kitty images. I bought the frames from the Dollar Tree and painted them with pastel colors.

I bought some sweetly colored yarn and made up some little yarn balls to complete the look.

But this cake. I loved this cake. I’ve spent way too much on cakes in the past.  I knew Walmart printed photos onto cakes. So, I brought them the image I wanted instead of a photograph. The outcome was better than I had expected. And can I tell you how delicious their cakes are? It was actually better than some of the ridiculously priced cakes I’ve bought in the past.


I hope some of these ideas help you to plan a party of your own. Please click the links within the post to show some love to the little shops that helped me plan this party! Contact me if you have any questions or need any input or help planning a party of your own!

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