Quinn’s Feminine Woodland Nursery

A lot of time was spent planning Quinn’s nursery. The older she gets, the less nursery it becomes. It’s quickly filling with plastic toys and I find myself removing some of the decor that only serves to be cute and is now taking up valuable space.


I used Pinterest for almost all of my inspiration. I had started out thinking I’d do a feminine woodland theme. I had changed my mind to do just birds but had again changed my mind into incorporating bunnies as well. And not long after that, I decided to add a few foxes. I didn’t want a cartoonish looking room or something too brown and earthy. I just adore the mint/coral combo. I also love it accented with gold. So, I knew I somehow wanted that incorporated without going overboard. I began saving my ideas to my Nursery board and got to work.

Slowly, Quinn’s room started to come together. First the paint (Behr Pondscape), then the crib, and then it was to Hobby Lobby for decor. One of my favorite pieces is the mobile, which has since been torn down by tiny little hands. I found the idea on Pinterest (Original Link to blog here).


The Dresser was a yard sale steal at $10! We painted it a peachy/coral color (I know I have the name of it somewhere. I will investigate and edit the post with the information later.) I found THE most perfect knobs for it at Hobby Lobby! I bought two bird pulls and four leaf pulls. (I believe they’re leaves and not feathers- but it goes well, regardless.) It’s just perfection.

The artwork above her dresser was another easy DIY. I bought the frames from the Dollar Tree. I removed the inserts and painted the frames. I used Google Images to find silhouettes of the animals I wanted, then printed them. I did make use of the copier at the office that I work in to blow them up to the size I wanted. Then, I chose scrapbook papers from Michael’s which complimented the color scheme of her room. (I adore these feminine florals!) I cut out the silhouettes and traced them on the back of the scrapbook paper and cut them out. You can’t tell from these photos, but the white background is a very thick scrapbook paper with a texture to it. I used adhesive spray on my cutouts and centered them on the white paper, which I had cut to fit the frames.


We picked up a rocking chair someone threw to the curb and painted it the same color as the dresser. I bought an inexpensive pillow from Walmart and a mint and gold chevron pillow cover from Lulubeansboutique on Etsy. This inexpensive DIY has seen many nursing sessions, heard a lot of bedtime stories, and hosted a over a dozen mini photoshoots.


I found this great little table in the basement of the office I work in. I had it for years with intentions of refinishing it and finally was inspired to do so while working on Quinn’s nursery. I painted it the color aa the nursery walls. The crate beneath it, which I store baby blankets in, is from Michael’s. I painted it using the same color as the dresser and rocking chair.

I hope this post has inspired someone to get creative in a nursery or another room in your home. When I completed this room I had such a sense of pride! And I realized I’m capable of pulling together a look in any room of my house and now I can’t wait to start! Feel free to contact me with any questions! I tried to link as many of the products as I could.  If you’re looking for items to fit this theme, particularly, Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids are also great places to shop!


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