Making a Return

After a few semi-regular entries, I thought I was finally getting the hang of this blog thing. Wrong.

Life is busy. And exhausting. Even more so with a little one who doesn’t sleep well. Her sleep habits went from not so great to pretty bad to awful. My evenings were spent holding her and ultimately taking her to bed to co-sleep. Zero time to myself.

I have thought about so many topics to write about but haven’t had the time (nor energy) to sit and write. I also inadvertently deleted the Instagram account which I link to this blog. (Which reminds me- I’m going to have to change the link in my blog….just not tonight). It was one thing after another. I told myself I could start back up at any time. So, here I am.

Six nights ago my husband started sleep training our daughter. I’m not allowed to put her to bed for the time being because, let’s face it, I’m the main component of her poor sleep habits. I’m weak. He said I’ve gotten up with her for a year, now and he can handle it for a week or two.

It’s working. A few rough nights and some tears. But tonight my husband laid her down and walked out of her room and she went to sleep.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of better sleep for my babe and more time for Mommy to workout, read, or write.

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