Mom Truths

I just reread the previous blog post in which I was swimming in sweet moments of a sweet smelling, sleeping baby.


The last few days haven’t been nearly as sweet. In fact, there were many moments in which I lost all composure. A far cry from the picture previously painted. Which brings me back to the blog, it’s name, and I why I started it. Stepping stones. We will get through this (and likely move onto another obstacle). Life isn’t always rainbows and roses. I need to remember it doesn’t last. This blog will remind me of that when I need reminding.

Sleep Habits

It seems each time Quinn makes strides in the whole sleep/bedtime routine, she gets sick or has shots and we regress. She used to sleep for four hours her first stretch (this was very brief) and then wake every two hours after that. I’d dream feed her and put her back down. Since then, we have had periods in which she’d wake each time she would roll to her belly. Then she began rolling to her belly as soon as you put her down. This led to a lot of co-sleeping; something we are quite used to as this sleep battle is a constant back and forth game of progress and struggle. Quinn then spent quite a few weeks sleeping in her rock’n’play until she started rolling over in it and it became unsafe.

Now, she sleeps mostly in her crib but wakes so often. She had a night where she only woke twice and I swear, angels sang. I was refreshed and woke up without bags under my eyes. And that was it. One night. She recently had a fever for five days. Hell. Pure hell. Since then, bedtime has been a nightmare. She wakes every forty to sixty minutes with a rare two hour stretch here and there. She only wants to nurse to sleep, which is fine. I’m trying to ween her, but you choose your battles.  Except, now she wants the boob at nap time as well. I have been strictly night nursing for about six weeks. So day time nursing is not going to happen, little lady.

The last two days have been almost torture as far as sleep is concerned. Thankfully, she allows my husband to put her down for naps. Bedtime is out of the question. It’s a Mommy only job, according to Quinn. But now she has been giving me hard time as well.

Better Days

After a very unglamorous night and morning, I’m finally feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the sleeping hurdles, again. My husband put the baby down for her morning nap and I slept for two hours myself. He put her down for her second nap and I snuck in another thirty minute nap for myself before having to finally get ready for the day.

We went to our niece’s graduation party and Quinn was happy as a clam. This is unusual. Any time we have a family gathering to attend, Quinn screams the entire time. Don’t look at her and definitely don’t touch her. It’s less than enjoyable for everyone. But not this time! Mommy had herself three glasses of wine while Quinn made her rounds with family members. Again, angels sang. I may have as well.

That’s all I needed. A couple of naps and a few glasses of wine and adult conversation. I can handle another seven months.

Quinn has been asleep for almost forty minutes, now. While I hope she sleeps at least another two hours before waking, I’ll be okay if she doesn’t. We will get through this. Thanks to wine, naps, and this blog for reminding me of this.

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